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The forerunner company to Muscle D Fitness, Muscle Dynamics/Maxicam, grew to many millions of dollars with a network of dealers throughout the USA and internationally. With financial considerations looming large in today’s economy, timely delivery means everything for cash flow purposes. Muscle D Fitness blends outstanding product quality with great prices.


  • MDE – 20

    • One touch seat height adjustment while seated to position shoulders with pivot axes on the cams
    • Comfortable, large elbow pad rollers
    • Anatomically correct cam for precise shoulder and traps development
    • Chest pad anchors upper body into the correct position.
    • 200 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
    • 65” L x 58” W x 71” H, 525 lb
    • 165 cm x 148 cm x 179 cm, 238kg
  • MDE – 08

    • Anatomically correct shaped cam gives proper resistance to strengthen the lower back muscles.
    • Convenient pull pin adjusts the desired amount of pre-stretch.
    • Lumbar supports the back pad indexes’ upper torso in alignment with the cam axis.
    • Contoured seat allows legs and feet to brace themselves on foot plates.
    • 180 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin.
    • 59” L x 51” W x 60” H, 490 lbs
    • 135 cm x 104 cm x 165 cm, 222 kg
  • MDE-20

    • Adjustable ankle roller pad accommodates all leg lengths
    • Pre-stretch adjustment on leg arm allows different pre-stretch
    • V-shaped pads secure upper torso and legs to isolate the hamstring muscles.
    • Handles and elbow pads secure upper torso.
    • Anatomically correct cam for precise hamstring development
    • 160 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
    • 69” L x 51” W x 64” H, 535 lb
    • 172 cm x 129 cm x 163 cm, 243kg
  • MDE – 19

    • Traditional lat pulldown bars for a wide or narrow grip.
    • Switch quickly to low rows using non-skid foot pads
    • Wide or narrow grip positions for better Lat isolation
    • Long low row bench fits any size user.
    • Adjustable roller pads secure thighs and torso for max performance
    • 200 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
    • 65” L x 58” W x 71” H, 525 lb
    • 165 cm x 148 cm x 179 cm, 238kg
    • Multiple handles for better upper torso stability with forearm pads
    • Pivoting foot plate allows better isolation of the glute muscles
    • Extended range of motion attacks the glutes completely
    • Pillow block bearings ensure smooth pressing motion
    • 80″ L x 60″ W x 57″ H, 564 lb
    • 203 cm x 152 cm x 145 cm, 165 kg
    • Resistance increases throughout the exercise to match leg muscles
    • Pre-start leer allows user to start leg presses in the extended position
    • Pivoting, large Leg Press platform keeps feet in comfortable position
    • Very deep travel for full leg and glute muscles development
    • Pillow block bearings ensure smooth leg pressing motion
    • 60″ L x 80″W x 57″ H, 363 lb
    • 145 cm x 158 cm x 173 cm, 165 kg
    • Resistance increase throughout the exercise to match leg muscles strength.
    • Front facing squats emphasize Quad muscles.
    • Rear facing squats emphasize glute muscles.
    • Positioning balls of feet on edge of platform makes for perfect pre-stretch and calf exercises.
    • Custom foot plate for non-slip usage.
    • Precision enclosed bearings for years of trouble-free use.
    • Thick, high density foam shoulder pads for packing heavy weights on the machine.
    • Stainless Steel weight holders and storage pegs.
    • 11 guage Steel with 3/8″ inch thick junctions.
    • Absolutely perfect positioning for doing ab crunches.
    • Seat rotates 90 degrees to do isolate the oblique muscles.
    • Foot rollers isolate allows isolation of the lower abs while lifting legs upwards.
    • Long selections of hand grips position to micro-adjust the crunch exercise
    • Lumbar pad positions the torso in line with the pivot point for max contractions.
    • Precision enclosed bearings for years of trouble-free use.
    • Thick, high density foam shoulder pads for packing heavy weights on the machine.
    • Stainless Steel weight holders and storage pegs.
    • 11 gauge Steel with 3/8″ inch thick junctions.
More Than Just Gym MachinesMuscle D Fitness has the longest running heritage and history of any company in the fitness business. Muscle D is an outgrowth of Muscle Dynamics which had its start on the shores of Muscle Beach in Santa Monica and the original Gold’s Gym on Main Street. Some of the all time body builder greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, and many other legends trained regularly on the MD strength equipment. Brian Lewallen, the president of Muscle Dynamics, teamed up with Roger Helgesen and made some of the earliest cam selectorized machines that competed head-on with Nautilus who was the dominant strength company in the 70’s and 80’s. The new gym machines were called Maxicam. Over the next 40 years, Brian and his partner, Tom Csenar, went on to develop nearly 150 machines, benches, and racks with constant upgrades to the line. They even established a health club in Manhattan, New York to make sure that all the commercial strength equipment would hold up even under the abuse of 15,000 members. Muscle Dynamics was also private labeling Weider Muscle & Fitness machines for a worldwide market including a multi-station for the Prince of Monaco. Brian and Tom sold their interest in 2007 and unfortunately the company didn’t survive the effects of the economic downturn of 2008. However, from the ruins of MD, the idea for the new Muscle D Fitness division of Excel Weight Products was born in 2013. Excel had developed and sold weights, bars, and weight stacks of all kinds for 25 years prior to this evolution.
Anatomically Perfect Strength EquipmentOne of hallmarks of Muscle D is anatomical correctness for the user. The only way of truly testing whether or not a cam machine, for example, is correct is for the user to try doing reps near maximum weight for that user. The resistance should feel consistent throughout the range of motion and not jerky or hitting the wall at certain spots. Muscle groups vary in their strength curve therefore strength machines and benches must be designed with these factors in mind. Indeed, this is the signature of Muscle D’s line of equipment…outstanding performance at very reasonable prices. Beyond that, quick delivery is a huge asset to dealers and customers alike. At any one time, Muscle D has millions of dollars of inventory for the normal pattern of last minute decision making on fitness equipment. Besides the strength training machines and equipment, Muscle D also offers many options for barbells, weights, dumbbells, accessory handles, and lots of other key items such as rubber flooring. There are lines of gym equipment for every market…health clubs, apartment complexes, executive headquarters, colleges and high schools, rehab centers, and even upscale homes. With nearly 150 pieces of equipment in production there are endless combinations of equipment to mold to any training facility.
More Than Just Strength EquipmentMuscle D continues to develop dealers both nationally and internationally. The next era in MD’s history will launch a very extensive and reasonably priced line of cardio equipment. This will include treadmills, crosstrainers, and bikes…all with the functions most in demand by users. The international market is growing at a rapid pace and Muscle D Fitness is listening to what the market wants. So Muscle D Fitness sticks to the knitting…rugged commercially built equipment at competitive prices with fast availability…a unique combination in the world of fitness equipment.


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