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The Classic Line Abdominal Crunch Machine MDC-1008 enables exercisers to isolate their core muscles through a stabilized motion. Precision bearings are the key to our equipment’s super-smooth motion that’s now become a hallmark of Muscle D Fitness products. Ergonomic design and biomechanical excellence are combined to make sure the body is correctly positioned throughout the motion.


The rectangular frame tubing and robust appearance contributes to the sturdy reputation of Classic Line products. Our manufacturing processes utilize commercial grade steel and premium materials. This focus on quality helps to create an end-product that’s both durable and enjoyable to use. You can be confident that this range is designed to meet the enduring demands of a commercial fitness environment.

Abdominal Crunch

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4.89 out of 5


  • Anatomically correct cam for proper muscle resistance
  • Precision bearings for smooth operation
  • Arm and elbow pads promote great ab crunching action
  • Foot rollers lock user in to maximize ab development
  • 150 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
  • 42″ l x 48″ w x 55″ h, 510 lbs
  • 107 cm x 122 cm x 140 cm, 231 kg
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  • Anatomically correct cam for proper muscle resistance
  • Precision bearings for smooth operation
  • Arm and elbow pads promote great ab crunching action
  • Foot rollers lock user in to maximize ab development
  • 150 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
  • 42″ l x 48″ w x 55″ h, 510 lbs
  • 107 cm x 122 cm x 140 cm, 231 kg

Additional information

Weight510 lbs
Dimensions42 × 48 × 55 in

9 reviews

  1. Bob McCann

    I have always been skeptical of an abdominal crunch machine simply because I thought they would cause too much bulk and muscle in my mid-section area. With the ab crunch from Muscle D, I successfully lost inches around my waistline while making it more defined. Obviously a HUGE part of this is my pre-contest diet but I am confident that without the strict engagement of my core from this machine, I would not be nearly as contest ready.

  2. Marcy Baker

    This ab machine is by far our members favorite piece of equipment. Really is great once you’ve shedded that excess fat and love handles to expose an awesome toned stomach! Important on this one to leverage the correct starting position where you are getting a strong enough extension and contraction on your stabilizer muscles. I love supplementing abdominal crunches on this piece of equipment with side planks and other core stability exercises. My abs have never looked better 🙂

  3. Tom Gertz

    Please note that this equipment does not burn fat directly. The ab crunch machine benefits sculpting and shaping your abdominals and I just wish more people understood how to use ab machines at the gym and did the right amount of cardio along with the core exercises. I also love using an ab crunch roller to get a righteous and effective burn after using this one. Great piece to have in your gyms arsenal.

  4. Terry Cohen

    To effectively hit your abdominals, the range of motion, contraction and stability are all keys to the right workout. I love stacking this ab crunch machine with knee raises on a vertical knee raise or power tower as well as planks on a stability ball. Throw in some cross body chops on a functional trainer and you’ve got your core covered. Just don’t forget the diet or all that hard work will not show!

  5. Michael Gonzalez

    This crunch machine is definitely the real deal and one of my favorite exercise machines hands down. Really engages the rectus abdominus the most prominent stabilizer muscles in your core. Once I get my diet and cardio in check (and the body fat starts coming off), I really get to see the benefits of this machine.

  6. Tom L

    My ab crunch machine review for these guys is 4/5 stars. In terms of the quality of the machine, it is pretty on point all around. I don’t seem to get a ton of results using it at my gym but always feel like doing ab crunches should be done after every workout.

  7. Rebecca Houston

    This machine truly does it all for targeting the abdominal wall and forcing a strong contraction for maximal muscle engagement. It takes a lot of work to get abs, using this machine is vital to getting the right results in conjunction with the right diet.

  8. Bill Rousey

    If you are looking for the real deal exercise to target those abdominals and get the best contraction, I would say that this ab machine from muscle d fitness is a winner. It’s a great exercise and will certainly help when it’s time to take those shirts off in the summertime.

  9. Scott Sattler

    The ergonomic design on this ab crunch machine is probably one of the best I’ve ever tried. I like the starting position giving me a strong range for the rectus abdominis making this a true crunch at the point of flexion. I always make sure to pair this with a rotary machine or side planks to also target the oblique area as I start shedding access fat for pre-contest or summer months.

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Abdominal Crunch Machine Benefits – At A Glance

  •  Designed to train the core abdominal muscles of the stomach, which are essential in most torso motions including twisting, bending, and the stabilization of other movements.
  •  Anatomically correct cam pulley ensures that the proper muscle resistance is exerted from the beginning to the very end of the exercise.
  •  Elbow pads promote the ideal ab crunching movement, which enhances performance and therefore improves overall results.
  •  Foot rollers provide added anchor points which stabilize the user in place and enable a full abdominal crunching range of motion.
  •  Precision bearings help to create a fluid movement, that’s easier for beginners and more enjoyable for expert users.
  •  Magnetic selection pin facilitates quick weight stack adjustments.


The ab crunch machine targets core abdominal muscles in the torso. These muscles are involved in most everyday movements of the body such as bending and twisting, as well as stabilizing other motions. Abdominal muscles play a vital role in daily life so it’s important that they’re included in a balanced fitness routine. This
unit makes it easy for your gym members to incorporate core exercise into their workouts.


Our Abdominal Crunch Machine features comfy elbow pads to promote a model crunching movement. The foot rollers act as additional anchor points to help stabilize the user’s body in place. This ensures that they’re correctly positioned within the equipment, so that they benefit from the full range of motion. The anatomically
correct cam pulley creates a proportional amount of muscular resistance throughout the entire ab crunching motion (instead of the movement peak alone). Together it’s these details that create an ab workout that’s both effective and safe.


Most beginners assume that ab exercises should involve sit-ups or crunchies on a mat. However the abdominal crunch machine benefits often outweigh those of calisthenics for fitness newbies. Machine exercises ensure that correct technique is used, which can often be missing from mat work when first starting out. The guided
motion they provide is therefore safer than unassisted crunchies, since they minimize the risk of strain or injury.


Our units are designed to be easy to use, so even people with no training experience will perform the exercise correctly. Precision bearings ensure a smooth movement, which means users can focus on their technique rather than the machine. There is also a visual instruction placard to illustrate exactly how ab crunch exercises should be performed. The magnetic adjustment pin on the weight stack makes changing increments quick and easy.


  •  Weight: 510 lbs / 231 kg
  •  Dimensions: 42″ x 48″ x 55″ / 107cm x 122cm x 140cm
  •  Weight stack: 150 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin

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