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The Dual Function Peck Deck Rear Delt Machine MDD-1003 combines two popular movements in a single unit. Exercisers are able to target the pectoral muscles of the chest along with the trapezius and deltoids of the shoulder. Precision bearings create an ultra-smooth motion, and thoughtful ergonomic details ensure biomechanically correct workouts.


Our dual function range allows you to provide many different workout options in a smaller floor area. These units are ideal for facilities where space is limited, such as hotel or condo fitness facilities. However the compact footprint doesn’t compromise their functional abilities – dual units are still durable enough to endure the demands of frequent usage. This means you can be confident that your strength investment will last for the long term.

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• Precision, EZ Glide seat with pneumatic lift assist
• Pre-stretch range adjuster for chest and rear deltoid exercises
• Unique, self-adjusting swivel arms for different arm lengths
• Anatomically designed cams for smooth resistance
• 200 lb solid steel, precision weight stack
• 44” L x 38” W x 78” H, 500 lb
• 112 cm x 97 cm x 198 cm, 227 kg
• Dealer Pricing Listed. Must Purchase a Package to Receive Additional 20% Package Discount

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Weight500 lbs
Dimensions44 x 38 x 78 in

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Peck Deck Rear Delt Machine Benefits – At A Glance

  •         Designed to train the muscles in the chest and shoulders.
  •         Anatomically correct cam pulley creates the proper level of muscle resistance during the entire motion.
  •         Unique, self-adjusting swivel arms accommodate people of different proportions and arm lengths.
  •         EZ Glide seat features pneumatic lift assistance to make adjustments super-simple.
  •         Pre-stretch range adjuster can be used for both chest and rear deltoid exercises.
  •         Precision bearings create a fluid movement, so the machine feels easier to use and more enjoyable for beginners.
  •         200 lb solid steel weight stack.


This unit targets important muscle groups in the chest and shoulder. The efficient design means you get two products for the price of one – the peck deck machine function trains the pectoral muscles, whereas the rear delt machine aspects target the rear deltoids and trapezius. Depending on the movements in question, these muscles are often considered to be opposing groups. This unit therefore enables you to provide guests or residents with a balanced workout on just one unit.


The anatomically correct cam pulley guarantees that the proper muscle resistance is exerted throughout the whole motion (no matter which of the dual functions you are performing). Precision bearings create a fluid movement, which means users can focus on their workout technique instead of being distracted by the machine.


Our Peck Deck Rear Delt Machine features self-adjusting swivel arms that can accommodate people of different sizes, proportions, and arm lengths. This unique feature means the unit will easily adapt to the wide range of guests or residents that your facility supports. The EZ Glide seat features pneumatic lift assistance, which makes adjustments and customization super-simple on the fly. It’s also possible to use the pre-stretch range of motion adjuster for both rear deltoid and chest exercises.



  •         Weight: 500 lbs / 227 kg
  •         Dimensions: 44” x 38” x 78” in / 112 cm x 97 cm x 198 cm
  •         Weight stack: 200 lb steel weight stack with selector pin

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