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Dual Function Machines

The Muscle D Fitness Dual Function circuit features 11 selectorized stations that target every area of the body. Each unit offers multiple exercise motions so you can provide a wide range of exercises to your members whilst saving space at the same time. The series enables users to perform anatomically-correct motions and CAM pulleys that provide the ideal amount of muscle resistance throughout each movement.

Showing all 11 results

Showing all 11 results

Ideal For Hotels, Condos, Or Facilities With Limited Space

Our dual function machines combine two exercises into a single unit, enabling you to offer lots of different workout options in half the floor area. They’re ideal for facilities where space is at a premium, such as fitness facilities in hotels or condominium complexes.


Dual function machines offer twice the exercise choice of a standard selectorized unit, without compromising on biomechanics. They’re durable enough to withstand the demands of daily usage, and their stylish look will appeal to guests and residents alike.


Designed With Exercisers In Mind

Our Dual Function Line delivers targeted workouts for all of the major muscle groups. Each unit was developed with ease-of-use in mind, featuring color-contrasting adjustments and instructional placards explaining how to perform different exercises. These visual illustrations demonstrate the starting position, correct exercise motion, and accompanying breathing technique.


Small details enable our dual units to adapt to the varied range of guests and residents who use them. Seating adjustments, swivel arms, and a range of hand grips mean these machines can accommodate people of different heights and sizes. EZ Glide seating features pneumatic lift assistance, making it quick and easy for exercisers to customize their workout position. Precision bearings facilitate movements that are super-smooth, so the machines are even easier to use.


Comprehensive Range

Our dual function range features 11 different units offering more than 22 exercise movements that target all large muscle groups. Upper body machines include Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Combo, Pec Deck/Rear Delt Combo, and Lat/Low Row Combo. The Bicep/Tricep Combo works opposing muscles in the arms, and Multi-Press Combo offers a range of varied workouts across the chest, back, and shoulders.


Lower body machines include Leg Press/Calf Raise Combo Machine, Leg Extension/Prone Leg Curl Combo Machine, Leg Extension/Seated Leg Curl Combo Machine, and the highly-popular Inner/Outer Thigh Combo. The range is completed with the Ab/Back Combo which isolates the core, and the versatile Hi/Low Pulley Combo which can be adjusted to target almost any muscle group.


Browse the full dual function range below or contact us for guidance from one of our expert team.