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Functional Trainers

Our versatile Functional Trainer Machine range offers a selection of 7 units, including compact rigs, cable cross-overs, and dual pulleys. They all display the rugged look that’s become a hallmark of Muscle D Fitness products, which also means they’re easy to mix and match within a facility. These units can be adapted to target every area of the body, in a way that mimics the movements of everyday life. Whether your members need functional exercises, sports specific training, or PT guidance, this range is the ideal solution.


Choosing the best functional trainer for your facility can sometimes be confusing. With so many different structural options and accessories to select from, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. The ultimate functional training rig is one that meets the needs of your members, whilst addressing your business requirements. It needs to tick all the boxes from an exerciser perspective, in terms of ease of use and varied exercise movements. But it also needs to earn it’s keep by helping you to attract new members and generate secondary spend. Our range of functional units are designed to do just that, so that you can be confident that your investment will get a return.

Showing all 6 results

Showing all 6 results

Comprehensive Functional Trainer Machine Range

With 7 different units in our functional range, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your specific facility needs. We offer two cable crossovers; the Standard Cable Crossover and the Deluxe Cable Crossover, along with a more compact Quad Functional Trainer. Four dual adjustable pulley units are available, each in two width sizes; 85” and 95”.


The entire range is engineered to deliver biomechanically correct movements, whilst being simple to adjust. Our functional training rig design allows for maximal flexibility and adaptation – your members can perform independent, converging, or diverging movements, which accurately mirror the movement of the human body. Unlike fixed motion machines, functional units enable users to train in any plane of movement – sagittal, transverse, or frontal. This makes it ideal for sports-specific fitness training, or strengthening the movements people perform in everyday life.

Ideal For Gyms, Sports Centers & PT Studios

Our functional range is ideal for commercial fitness environments that cater to specialist exercise enthusiasts or athletes. Their high-level durability is perfectly suited to the demands of busy spaces, and versatile exercise options will meet the varied needs of expert trainers.


Functional stations are an endless resource for practical workout ideas. For gyms and PT studios, they provide the perfect solution to personal training sessions. Clients will be impressed by the varied exercise movements that these units offer, along with the expert knowledge that they enable PTs to demonstrate when training with them. They can provide a sense of exclusivity for clients, who perceive workouts on these units as additional value. This helps to justify the investment in personal training and boost secondary spend in your facility.


Functional units are also the ideal training aid in sports centers or facilities where sports-specific training is the focus. They enable athletes to practice precise sporting movements and drills, to improve their power and strength abilities. Just one machine offers limitless exercise options that can be customized to any training need.

Highly Durable

We understand how important durability is to your fitness facility. It’s fundamental to the safety of your members and influential on your bottom line too. Our range of functional trainer machines is engineered to withstand daily usage and tough workouts. The heavy-duty design not only looks rock solid, but is robust enough to withstand the demands of HIIT workouts, circuits, and team training drills.


At Muscle D Fitness, we’re passionate about using the highest-quality materials to manufacture industry-leading products. We won’t compromise on components or processes, which contributes to the range’s long life span, and lower maintenance costs.

Designed With Versatility In Mind

Our functional products can be used individually, with personal trainers, or in small groups. Exercisers can adapt the rig pulleys or accessories to their own training needs, as well as following directions on the instructional placards. Personal training clients will benefit from specialized guidance and enjoy unique workouts that are different from their usual routine. Small group training in class format or sports team drills can revolve around functional units too. The lean structural design means it’s easy for session instructors to keep an eye on everyone in the group, and correct technique where needed.


The versatility of our functional trainers extends to the weight stack options available too. The compact Quad Functional Trainer features two 120lb steel weight stacks, and both the Standard and Deluxe Cable Crossovers include two 120lbs weight stacks. Our Dual Adjustable Pulleys are available with either two 200lbs or two 400lbs weight stacks. Browse the full functional trainer machine range below or contact us for guidance from one of our expert team.