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Dumbbell Racks

Our comprehensive dumbbell rack range is guaranteed to meet your gym storage needs. It features 10 different options, including two tier and three tier configurations. They all exhibit the same rugged appearance that’s now a hallmark of Muscle D Fitness products. This enables you to easily mix and match different storage racks, benches, and machines within a facility.


These affordable racks can be combined to suit the needs of your free weight area. Whether you have rubber or urethane dumbbells, with regular rounded or hexagonal shaped heads, we have a suitable rack that will meet your requirements.


Choosing the right dumbbell storage for your strength training area can sometimes be confusing. With so many different sizes and configurations to choose from, it’s not always easy to decide which one is best. The ultimate dumbbell weight rack is one that precisely fits your accessory needs, whilst also being highly durable. It should meet all the requirements from an exerciser’s point of view, such as ease of loading and unloading. But it also needs to tick all the boxes from an operator perspective, including being stable, cost-efficient, and long-lasting. Our extensive range of dumbbell racks is designed to do exactly that, so that you can be absolutely confident in your equipment investment.

Showing all 6 results

Showing all 6 results

Comprehensive Dumbbell Rack Range

With 10 different units in our dumbbell storage range, you’re certain to find one that meets the specific needs of your facility. We offer several two tier dumbbell racks designed to store 6, 8, or 10 pairs of regular rounded dumbbells. There is also a trio of three tier racks which accommodate 9, 12, or 15 pairs of rounded dumbbells. If your clubs uses hexagonal dumbbells then you have a choice of long or short racks, in two or three tier configurations.


The entire range of dumbbell storage options is exclusively manufactured by Muscle D Fitness. The angular tubing combined with curved storage racks creates a sleek yet robust appearance. The unique design is more open than most other storage options on the market, resulting in a practical yet stylish look. The arms appear to float instead of looking like the standard box that so many other manufacturers settle for.

Ideal For Gyms, Sports Centers & Strength Training Studios

Our comprehensive dumbbell rack range is ideal for commercial fitness facilities that have a dedicated free weights area. Their superior durability is ideally suited to the demands of busy fitness spaces, that receive daily wear and tear from free weight usage.


Dumbbell storage is an essential element of any free weight training zone. They keep the space looking clean and tidy, whilst also minimizing potential trip hazards. For gyms and sports centers there’s often a constant battle to have members put their weights away after usage. A few well-placed racks make it convenient for them to do so, and remove any excuses about not knowing where they were supposed to go.


Dumbbell weight racks are equally important in dedicated strength training studios. Free weights often see heavy usage in these facilities, so it’s important that they’re well-organised. This makes it easy for members to find the right weights during busy periods, and avoids the hassle of looking around.

Tough & Durable

We understand the importance of durability to your fitness facility. It’s fundamental to the safety and well-being of your members, as well as impacting your profitability too. No-one wants to spend money unnecessarily on maintenance and repairs.


Our range of dumbbell racks is engineered to endure constant usage and rough treatment. Although we’d love to think that members carefully place their free weights back after use, we know that it’s not reality. When you’ve done a tough workout and your muscles are tired, the last thing you want to do is place any more strain on them than necessary. So our heavy-duty design not only looks beefy and dependable, but is actually robust enough to withstand the knocks and drops of heavy free weights.


At Muscle D Fitness, we’re committed to using the very best materials and manufacturing industry-leading products. We don’t compromise on components or cut corners on engineering processes, because we think this undermines overall quality. This focus on excellence helps to increase the longevity of our equipment, and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Modular Design Ensures Maximum Versatility

Our unique modular dumbbell racks can be used individually, or combined into over 30 different combinations. You can mix and match regular or hexagonal two tier racks to meet the specific accessory needs of your facility. Likewise a mixture of regular and hexagonal three tier racks can also be combined. Their customizable footprint makes them a highly versatile choice for free weight and strength training areas in any facility. Browse the full dumbbell rack range below or contact us for guidance from one of our expert team.