Free Weight Line

Muscle D Fitness supply an extensive range of free weight lines to meet every possible need in your facility. With over 50 units to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find a bench, rack, or storage solution that meets your requirements.


We create well-built accessories for every muscle. Designed with practicality in mind, they’ll provide the background support and vital storage, so exercisers can focus on what they care about – getting results. Our manufacturing processes and material selection place an emphasis on durability, so you can be confident that our free weight lines will last for the long term.

Showing 33–41 of 41 results

Showing 33–41 of 41 results

Smith Machines

Our Smith Machines are ruggedly designed and powerfully built, with oversize oval tubing. They’re a perfect fit for rooms with lower ceiling heights, such as basement spaces or mezzanines. Precision linear bearings provide a super-smooth bar operation, so exercisers can focus on their technique instead of the machine. They also feature an almost weightless Olympic bar with counterbalance.

Half Racks & Power Cages

Power Cages and Half Racks are fitness facility staples. Ours are available in two tubing options; compact and deluxe. Compact racks and cages feature sleek oval tubing and are ideal for facilities with limited space. Deluxe options include rugged, angular tubing and are suited to larger environments.

Accessory Racks & Storage

Our accessory racks and storage units help to maximize your space, and keep your facility looking tidy. The Barbell Rack, Kettle Bell Rack, and Weight Plate Tree help to keep popular accessories and weights off the floor, so they don’t become trip hazards. Dumbbells can be stored on a double or triple rack, depending on the size of your free weight range and needs of your facility.


Our range of fitness benches are made from heavy-duty, durable tubing. This means they can endure the wear and tear of everyday usage. They also feature super-comfortable foam and robust upholstery – some also have handles and wheels for convenient portability. Although the Flat Bench and Utility Bench are considered fundamentals in every fitness facility, our range extends way beyond the basics. We offer an Adjustable Decline Bench, Flat Incline Decline Bench, and Flat To Incline Bench so exercisers can use gravity to their advantage. The Preacher Curl Bench and Hyper Extension Bench are also welcome additions that prove popular with dedicated strength training enthusiasts.

Browse the full selection of free weight lines below or contact us for guidance from one of our expert team.