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    • Leg Extension attachment for front thigh muscle development.
    • Seated Chest Press with 2 position handle grips and pre-stretch adjustment.
    • Seated Rows by facing into the machine and adjusting press/row arms.
    • Lat Pulldown bar with adjustable length chain and thigh hold down roller pads.
    • Adjustable height Crossover Chest Pulley arms and dumbbell handles as well as rear extensions, tricep extensions, bicep curls, upright rows, and more.
    • Seated Ab Crunch with comfortable canvass shoulder harness with handles.
    • EZ Adjustable seat height.
    • No cable changes required!


  • RL-PCB

    • 56″ l x 32″ w x 41″ h, 120 lb
    • 142 cm x 81 cm x 104 cm, 54 kg

Showing all 2 results