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Choosing the right rubber gym flooring can have a huge impact on the safety, décor, and exercise experience in your facility. Whether it’s for a commercial fitness center or home gym use, selecting a high-quality flooring surface will make a big difference to the entire finish. Our range of durable gym flooring options are designed to meet any need and every budget, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible deal when purchasing through us.


Unlike other rubber gym flooring suppliers, we only use the best quality materials in our products. The training surfaces we supply have a high content of virgin rubber which means they provide exceptional performance without the unpleasant ‘used tire’ smell. Our range includes tiles, rolls, and interlocking floor mats, so you’re guaranteed to find flooring that meets your needs. We also offer thick rubber surfaces for strength training areas and thinner options for cardio floors. Scroll down to view the entire range and find the flooring that’s perfect for your gym.

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Showing all 8 results

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Our rubber gym flooring products are easy to install and maintain. Unlike most other flooring options, our range doesn’t need to be permanently glued which can cause damage when removed and leave a strong smell after installation. Instead, it can simply be attached with double-sided tape yet remains as secure and durable as any other product.


The high content of virgin rubber in our products ensures the best possible performance for exercisers of all abilities. It provides superior shock-absorption to minimize the impact on joints and reduce the likelihood of injury. Even when wet, this type of surfaces retains its traction so that it’s not slippery or hazardous for users. High-quality rubber flooring can also protect your building from damage caused by dropped weights, which is especially important if you rent or lease space.


One of the key benefits of virgin rubber flooring is its durability. Tiles made from this material have a specific cell construction that is closed off from the external environment. This means that dirt and moisture cannot penetrate the surface, which can lead to degradation in other types of tile. The high-quality surface material means that these flooring products last for longer so that you get the best return on your investment.


We offer a wide range of gym flooring products to suit every space and budget. Whether you need to cover a large area, irregularly shaped surface, or just a small corner of your home garage, we’ve got the flooring to match it. If you’re unsure about the best home gym flooring or surface for your commercial facility, then our team can help. We pride ourselves on our industry experience and product knowledge because it helps us deliver the best possible service to our customers. We won’t overload you with technical specifications or specialist jargon, we’ll just listen to your needs and then suggest some suitable options. Use the Live Chat feature on the right to get an immediate response to your query.