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Looking for a high-quality smith machine for sale at a competitive price? Our reconditioned models combine reliability and rugged looks, at a price point to suit all budgets.


The smith machine is a gym favorite and an absolutely essential piece of strength training equipment. It facilitates training movements with an Olympic bar that are usually focused on lifting safely. The catches on the smith machine act like a ‘spotter’ and will absorb the load of the bar if needed by exercisers. This allows users to push their strength limits in a supported environment, enabling progression to heavier weights without the risk of injury.


This smith machine features a rugged design, powerful build, and oversized oval tubing. It’s suitable for spaces with low ceiling heights, including mezzanines or basement training areas. Linear bearings that are built with precision deliver a smooth bar movement, allowing users to focus solely on their exercise technique rather than operating the machine. You’ll find this smith machine for sale with an Olympic bar that’s practically weightless, plus counterbalance.

93″ Smith Machine

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5.00 out of 5


• Rugged, powerfully built with oversize tubing
• Laser cut bar holder position rack
• Four convenient chromed weight plate holders per side
• Precision linear bearings provide super smooth bar operation
• Nearly weightless Olympic bar with counterbalance
• 86” l x 52″ w x 93″ h, 585 lb
• 218 cm x 132 cm x 236 cm, 265 kg

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• Rugged, powerfully built with oversize tubing
• Laser cut bar holder position rack
• Four convenient chromed weight plate holders per side
• Precision linear bearings provide super smooth bar operation
• Nearly weightless Olympic bar with counterbalance
• 86” l x 52″ w x 93″ h, 585 lb
• 218 cm x 132 cm x 236 cm, 265 kg

Additional information

Weight585 lbs
Dimensions86 × 52 × 93 in

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2 reviews

  1. Tedd Harris

    I was searching for a smith machine on sale and came across this unit from Muscle D Fitness. Luckily I live in Southern California and was able to visit their showroom in Paramount. These guys are world class and the equipment is way better than the other stuff that I have tested both in other showrooms and in 24 Hour Fitness. Really happy we were able to secure this one for our training studio.

  2. Stacey Young

    I come from an old school thought where gym equipment is gym equipment. Then I started shopping for the stuff. On a piece as important as a smith machine, you want quality, ergonomics and durability. This one has it all (and believe me I tried about 7 on my purchase journey). Such great engagement on my quadriceps and hamstrings with the deeper range that I can get on this machine. Definitely the staple piece in our fitness studio. Thanks guys!

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Smith Machine at a Glance

  • Rugged design and powerful build, supported with tough oversize tubing for maximal durability
  •  Bar holder position rack is laser cut for optimal accuracy and detailing
  • Eight chrome weight plate holders provide convenient storage without the need for additional racks
  • Super smooth bar operation thanks to the precision linear bearings
  • Olympic bar that feels almost weightless, plus built-in counterbalance feature


The smith machine is a popular strength training unit that supports a variety of lifting exercises. Bench presses, squats, upright rows, and overhead presses are just a few of the movements that can be performed. These types of exercise all activate major muscle groups including the pecs, trapezius, and quads. They’re also ideal functional training movements since they mimic everyday activities such as lifting things or reaching overhead.


Our smith machine is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage. It’s manufactured using top-quality materials and the latest industrial processes to ensure that it can endure the demands of a busy commercial environment or frequent home gym use. We use commercial grade steel in the frame so you know it’ll be sturdy enough to support serious weight training. We think it’s important to select materials and champion manufacturing processes that ensure the highest levels of durability. So, when you see a smith machine for sale with Gym Pros, you can feel confident that it’s designed to last over the long term.

Purchasing a Smith Machine for Sale Online

As the popularity of squats and powerlifting increases, there are more and more equipment options being released. Many are built to high-quality specifications, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case for all of them. When purchasing a smith machine for sale online, it can be hard to know if you’ll receive a good quality product which will match the description and photos. So, it’s important to take a few simple steps which will help you avoid the pitfalls…


  1. Visit the warehouse – a reputable company will have no problems showing you around their warehouse so that you can try the smith machines for yourself.
  2. Choose a specialist fitness supplier – they’ll understand the industry and be able to make recommendations based on your specific needs (unlike a generic wholesaler)
  3. Read customer reviews – this will help you identify the best quality smith machines and give you an idea about the supplier’s customer service too.
  4. Go for reputable equipment brands – whether you’re looking at a new or reconditioned smith machine for sale, choosing one by a reputable equipment manufacturer will ensure it lasts for longer.
  5. Understand the terms – be clear on the refund or warranty policy so you have absolute peace of mind should something go wrong.


By following these simple tips, you’ll have no problem finding a smith machine for sale that you can have complete confidence in. You can also apply these steps to purchasing other types of fitness equipment online, including cardio, strength, and functional accessories like free weights.


Smith Machine Specifications


Weight: 585 lb / 265 kg
Dimensions: 86” l x 52″ w x 93″ h, 218 cm x 132 cm x 236 cm


If you’d like to talk to us about the smith machines for sale in our range, then get in touch. We stock all the popular brands and models, as well as reconditioned options that have been given a second lease of life. Plus, we supply other heavy-duty strength units such as squat racks, power racks, and the associated plate weights and flooring.