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The Squat Rack is an essential piece of kit in any gym facility. It supports Olympic bar training movements that target the quadriceps and gluteus maximus. With the increasing popularity of power lifting and squats, this unit combines two common training types that ensure it’ll be well-used amongst members.  Whether casual weight lifting or looking for the best home gym exercise, few movements trump the squat.  Luckily this heavy duty piece of equipment is not just a one trick pony!


Our rack selection is designed for heavy-duty use. We prioritize high-quality materials and proven manufacturing processes to ensure our products are of the highest durability. Commercial grade steel is used to create a robust frame that can withstand the demands of weight training. Our manufacturing processes and material selection place an emphasis on durability, so you can be confident that our free weight and rack range will last for the long term.

Squat Rack

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Squat Rack | MD-SR

• laser cut multiple bar positions for different height positions
• use as a squat rack or for strength training use with adjustable benches
• extended lower safety ladder with protective surface
• two Olympic plate holders on each side.
• (note: bench not included)
• 64″ l x 28″ w x 87″ h, 500 lb
• 163 cm x 71 cm x 221 cm, 227 kg

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Squat Rack | MD-SR

• laser cut multiple bar positions for different height positions
• use as a squat rack or for strength training use with adjustable benches
• extended lower safety ladder with protective surface
• two Olympic plate holders on each side.
• (note: bench not included)
• 64″ l x 28″ w x 87″ h, 500 lb
• 163 cm x 71 cm x 221 cm, 227 kg

Additional information

Weight500 lbs
Dimensions64 × 28 × 87 in

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5 reviews

  1. Thomas Au

    I am a big fan of the muscle d squat rack. This is a no-nonsense piece of gym equipment and has all of the great commercial feel without any of the faulty bells and whistles that don’t make any difference.

    If you are looking for a squat rack for sale, I recommend these guys. Brian and his team are solid and we have bought over 40 pieces from them over the last 3 years. Superb quality and our gym members love them.

  2. Shawn Friedman

    Initially we were shopping for a used squat rack for sale to outfit our training center but after actually using this machine in our planet fitness, we decided that the few extra dollars to purchase brand new was worth it. I really love all of the positions for bar placement and the ability to work from several different exercises to engage both lower and upper body. It’s great for deadlifts, military presses, and maxing out on bench (doing partial repetitions) as well.

  3. Ania Wexler

    Being an ex-marine I am no stranger to weight lifting in power racks and squat cages. I really love doing the olympic squat movement as the deep movement really engages all of the target muscle groups in my lower body and core. Awesome piece of equipment I can’t live without. I also advise to grab some adjustable safeties and stay safe when you go heavy. THANKS Guys!!!

  4. Ben Thomas

    Over my 4 decades in some of the best facilities, I’ve literally used them all. Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Hoist – you name it! I love weightlifting (who else do you know who has a power cage in a 3 bedroom townhome?) and I’m a big fan of the Muscle D stuff. Really heavy duty sturdy steel. After the pull-up bar, nothing stacks up like this piece for me. I bring over my flat incline decline bench and can really max out on the bench for some supreme fitness power.

  5. Barry L

    Power cages and smith machines just don’t provide the motion and natural arc of doing squats with an Olympic bar and free weights. I’ve got this in my garage gym as well as the Anytime Fitness where I train because I simply cannot get enough and the heavy duty feel really beats out any of the other squat rack stands that I’ve demo’d at other fitness centers across the country. Really happy to have settled on Muscle D. The brand has some great history and does not disappoint. Perform squats and get creative with other exercises like bench and military presses also. Great price for the quality.

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Squat Rack Benefits – At A Glance

  •  Designed to support Olympic bar squats that target the quadriceps and gluteus maximus.
  •  Multiple bar positions for different height options.
  •  Laser cut precision creates safe and effective catch capability.
  •  Versatile use as a squat rack or combined with adjustable benches (not included).
  •  Extended lower safety ladder features a protective surface.
  •  Includes two Olympic plate holders on each side for efficient storage.


The squat motion isolates the quadricep and gluteus maximus muscles in the lower body. These large muscle groups are involved in walking, running, and moving between seated, crouching, and standing positions. Squats are one of the most effective compound movements which makes them extremely popular amongst exercisers.


The rack facilitates strength training progression from selectorized and power leverage machines towards completely unassisted motions. It provides the security of bar catches should the user be unable to return it down in a controlled manner. These bar catches are at multiple heights to meet the range of different people’s heights and lifting capabilities. Laser cut precision helps to create a safe and effective catch mechanism.


This rack is a versatile unit that can be used for Olympic bar squats or combined with adjustable benches (not included). By using benches you open up the potential for a huge variety of other exercises. The spacious layout also makes is easy for users to access the training space. A wide stance area enables hassle-free entrance and exit. An extended lower safety ladder features a protective surface which prevents damage from other accessories or rough usage.


Our unit includes two Olympic plate holders on each side for efficient storage. This keeps your facility looking tidy and minimizes the potential for trip hazards too. Exercisers will appreciate the practical height of the weight storage horns, since they’re strategically placed to avoid excessive manual lifting.


If you’re looking to purchase a squat rack for sale, then the Muscle D Fitness unit is a great option. The precision engineered durability and bar catch detailing provide a safe and effective lower body workout, making it a strong choice for any commercial fitness facility.

Top 5 Squat Rack Exercises

#1 – Bar Squat

By far the most popular squat rack exercise is the basic bar squat. This involves performing a classic squat motion with an Olympic bar across the shoulders. The additional weight tests the quads and glutes beyond simple body weight. It also offers the possibility of explosive return movements for a more varied training regime.

#2 – Standing Overhead Press

The standing overhead press recruits all the major muscle groups of the shoulders and arms, including the deltoids, trapezius, biceps, and triceps. By using the squat rack to set up the movement, you can place the bar at collar bone height before loading it with additional plate weights. From there you can lift it off and extend overhead for maximal muscle recruitment.

#3 – Deadlift

The deadlift is a fundamental powerlifting movement. It’s one of the few exercises that recruits muscles from both the upper and lower body, including the trapezius, glutes, quads, and calves. Load the bar onto the lowest catch available on the rack, then begin the deadlift movement from that height. This is an ideal bridging exercise for people who are new to lifting, and may lack the strength or technique to complete a deadlift directly off the floor.

#4 – Barbell Lunges

The barbell lunge activates the glutes and quadriceps via independent leg movements. Load the bar onto the rack at just below shoulder height and then step underneath it. Transfer the bar onto your shoulders and begin to perform lunge movements, then replace it whilst you swap legs. Repeat on the other side and then return the bar to the rack.

#5 – Upright Row

The upright row targets the shoulders and triceps in a coordinated movement. Place the bar onto the lowest catch of the machine and then load with plate weights. Grasp the bar with an overhand grip and then raise it towards your chin whilst letting the elbow extend outwards. Return to the starting height, and then repeat the desired number of reps and sets.

MD-SR Specifications

  •  Weight: 500 lbs / 227 kg
  •  Dimensions: 64″ x 28″ x 87″ in / 63 cm x 71 cm x 221 cm

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